Tuesday, 27 November 2007

My New Reel Nov 2007

David Beer Animation Reel 2007 from sneakysquirrel on Vimeo.

David Beer Showreel 2007 Breakdown



Work done



Intro and Walk cycle


- Rig by Tim Oberlander


Wolf walk


Rig By TSM2M via highend3d.com


Walk study

Animation & Rigging

Design concept inspired by Animation Mentor Practice rig


Run Cycle


- Rig by Tim Oberlander


Rexona Bear for their Web campaign


- Rig owned by Framestore CFC, Animation supervised by Head of Commercials, Dale Newton, Framestore CFC


Lift sequence with fall


- Rig by Tim Oberlander


Acting Piece


- Rig by Tim Oberlander

- Audio sample from Scrubs TV show

8 & 10 & 12

Sequence from my London Animation School final film ‘Out of Tune’ available on the London National Gallery website, the film needed to be inspired by a painting in the London National gallery.

All Animation , Design, Modelling and Rigging

9 & 11

Sequence from my London Animation School Second Term film ‘Roboto Kung-Fu’

All Animation , Design, Modelling, Rigging and Rendering


Push study and Acting piece - Personal project

All Animation

- Theo Rig by 10 second club group

- Alfred Rig by Rodri Torres

- Audio sample from Scrubs TV show

Tuesday, 30 October 2007

And now for something completely different

I wouldn't say its extemely funny...but it does kinda bridge the gap between reality and the cartoon world. Especially that blond guys face.

Saturday, 27 October 2007

The Sphere of Fear

Not really , just a jolly walk

Sphere of Fear on his day off from sneakysquirrel on Vimeo.

Basic Guy Butler - My new reel in progress

This has been my way of creating some sort of theme for my reel. The wonderful Basic Guy rig, with a few accessories....


part 1 - the walk

Daves Reel Intro from sneakysquirrel on Vimeo.

part 2 - the run

Daves Reel, Running from sneakysquirrel on Vimeo.

part 3 - the lift

Daves Reel - The Lift from sneakysquirrel on Vimeo.

Walkies for Wolfy

Um ok yeah whatever... a wolf walk... Framestore style (well kinda)

Wolf Walk from sneakysquirrel on Vimeo.

Not a strong moment

Theo Push from sneakysquirrel on Vimeo.

I didnt realise how much work I took on with this one.... I havent done much to Alfred at the back, so he's kinda stiff....
And I hope to fix up a few things with little Theo too.....
But I wont mention what I think is wrong... i'll leave that up to you guys.... :-)
(yes, David used a smiley face, get over it, already!)

Saturday, 6 October 2007

Busy Bee(r)

The internship at Framestore is over... what a trip man, once again, it's the fellow creatives that made it a blast.....
So what now? Well, funny thing is, I've been as busy as ever...
I am working on a few pieces for my new reel, and I've gone back to basics with Keith Langos animation training, all I can say is 'Wow!'

It's a terrible pity London Animation School dont investigate Keiths teaching methods, i kinda wished I'd been given such valubale insight from day one!

All i can say is that if you are an aspiring newby 3D animator, head on to Keith Lango's website
The cool thing is the price you pay for his expertise also goes to some people in South America who could really do with some medical help and water purifiers, so its a double hit!
Thanks for all your effort Keith.

I hope to be proactive enough to put up some of my recent animations, from the Framestore stuff, to the Popgirl rig and animation I did for the new Popgirl Digital channel, and the work i hope to have done for my reel
Cheers for now

Out of Tune - Project on London National Gallery Website

Ah yes, after our showing at the National Gallery, all the students final projects have been uploaded onto the National gallery website, with a short synopsis of the piece.

Heres the link, showing all the students work


and to my film specifically:

Monday, 17 September 2007

Framestore - the Aftermath

Hey, well, my internship is over. It's been really awesome, and I feel I've got lots to do now to revamp my reel. I've learnt a ton in the last two months, especially patience, so I'm ready to work on some quality content. I also have some examples of work I have done for Framestore CFC, i just need to get permission to show it first.

I must say that the coolest thing about the internship was meeting all the talented individuals that work there...Its really pushed my goals to another level, and also taught me that its not such a distant goal.

I always see such professional work on the internet, and it seems so far away, but people sitting right next to me were doing the most amazing stuff....

Thanks Guys

Now to step it up a notch.... watch this space!

Monday, 13 August 2007


Well well well, it's been a while guys..... Luckily I doubt anyone has been hanging on for an update here...... so don't lie dammit.

Hey, FRamestore Rocks (Thanks Amy!!!!!)
I can say I've been animating like crazy, but its all very subtle stuff, and very long to do, usually like the same 10 secs of footage for 2 weeks.

I have been fortunate enough to work on a shot for the New Golden Compass movie, (This Movie is gonna look awesome, I really hope the acting and script is as good as the visuals!!)
The shot consists of two main character Polar Bears, with about six others in the backround, My job was to sort out the three main backround bears walking away...... Realistic Quadropeds, oh my god....... and 3 whole weeks of it.
Then I got a chance in the Commercals dept, and what do I end up animating? Bears again. Grizzly to be exact.

But it's been an eye opener..... the coolest has been witnessing the amazing talent around me.....
These guys are real passionate about what they do..... I guess you have to be, especially at crunch time, when there are no longer enough hours in the day.

I hope you are all well, buddies, esp the one's I havent managed to mingle with for a long while now.
Apply for Animation Jobs at Framestore, they have started animating thier first full length animated film, Despereaux!!!! it looks freaking awesome so far!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Another experiment at weight

Any comments, suggestions? Thanks guys

Saturday, 23 June 2007

Walk ball test

Getting straight back into it, heres a quick animation (sat morning after rough Open night)

Any thoughts and crits, thanks
I want to really start from the basics again

The Course is Finished

Well, the Open Evening we had in the studio last night marked the end of our 1 year course in animation. I just wanna tell all of my classmates, you guys made it really worthwhile, I really hope we manage to stick together, all these blogs and facebooks and things.... also, BBQ on Saterday, dont forget.

My Final Project can be viewed here

Please click on the links to my colleauges, to see the amazing animations they have done too

Thanks Again Guys n Gals

Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Well Worth It!!!

Ah, so it was worth it staying awake until 0400 fighting with a DVD authering program. I found out on Friday , I have been selected for an Interenship at Framestore CFC this July. If i hadn't of prepared that showreel (my first post in this blog) I wouldn't have got it. It's awesome, and came as quite a suprise, especially considering the people who applied. Whats great too, is my good buddy Mariano was also accepted. They obviously saw a photo of him, and realised he must be an animator. or a psychopath.

Anyways, alot of good people applied, and deserved the opportunity, so I'd better make the absolute most of the experiance.

Sunday, 20 May 2007

Final Project Blog - Out of Tune

It now seems more logical for me to document My CSM Final Project using a dedicated blog, To see Its development and progress, why not scurry over to :

Out of Tune - 3D Animation Project CSM


Then I can use this one for all my other 3D endeavours.

..sneaky, very sneaky.

Thursday, 10 May 2007

2d Animatic for Final CSM Animation

Well, finally , I've worked out which filetypre to upload to vimeo to get the sound to stay in sync, yay! So, without further delay, here is the first version of my 2d Animatic for 'out of Tune' I plan to tweak the timing a bit before begining animation. But i have been spending the last week or two Modelling and Rigging the Main Character and Parrot, will upload pics soon

David Beers College Project Animatic ver1 from sneakysquirrel on Vimeo

Sunday, 29 April 2007

My Current Showreel

Wow, well as many colleauges in my class know, Framestore CFC London recently closed thier doors for thier 2007 yeild of internship applications. We only realised 2 days before the cut off date that this was the case. And most of us didn't have reels at all, let alone standard DVD playable ones. But by 0330 on Friday moring, this was the result.

David Beer 3D Animation Showreel test from sneakysquirrel

Sunday, 22 April 2007

Final project CSM, The Present

Working on Storyboards as we speak