Saturday, 6 October 2007

Busy Bee(r)

The internship at Framestore is over... what a trip man, once again, it's the fellow creatives that made it a blast.....
So what now? Well, funny thing is, I've been as busy as ever...
I am working on a few pieces for my new reel, and I've gone back to basics with Keith Langos animation training, all I can say is 'Wow!'

It's a terrible pity London Animation School dont investigate Keiths teaching methods, i kinda wished I'd been given such valubale insight from day one!

All i can say is that if you are an aspiring newby 3D animator, head on to Keith Lango's website
The cool thing is the price you pay for his expertise also goes to some people in South America who could really do with some medical help and water purifiers, so its a double hit!
Thanks for all your effort Keith.

I hope to be proactive enough to put up some of my recent animations, from the Framestore stuff, to the Popgirl rig and animation I did for the new Popgirl Digital channel, and the work i hope to have done for my reel
Cheers for now

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messytimbo said...

come on big D, give us something! anything, i wanna see what you've been up to