Saturday, 27 October 2007

Basic Guy Butler - My new reel in progress

This has been my way of creating some sort of theme for my reel. The wonderful Basic Guy rig, with a few accessories....


part 1 - the walk

Daves Reel Intro from sneakysquirrel on Vimeo.

part 2 - the run

Daves Reel, Running from sneakysquirrel on Vimeo.

part 3 - the lift

Daves Reel - The Lift from sneakysquirrel on Vimeo.


libra bear said...

These are really cool. I like how you’re infusing a story into your new showreel. You and Mariano are really improving. It’s hard for me to judge 3D because there is so much more subtleties you can put into the movement. When something’s really wrong, I think it pops out, when nothing pops out its hard to see how to improve it. In 2D you can get away with murder!! as Steve always says,

Before I go on, I’m judging this in comparison to Pixar or Dreamworks, not that I’m on that level, but I guess that’s the level I want, I’m sure you do too. What I say might be way off, just things to think about. Man I really miss the class, I would have just spoken to you in person then we could have had a long conversation or debate, know what I mean?

My main thing is with the Acting. Who is your character? He’s a butler, very aloft and proper, yet he doesn’t carry himself that way, some of the poses in his introduction seem off, I think if he was someone else it’d be cool. Do butlers put there hands on there hips? Do they slouch? The voice seems very eloquent and sure of himself, could you perhaps infuse that into your animation? Even the eyes could suggest something. I really like the way the voice seems like its coming from him even though he has no mouth. Have you ever seen corpse bride, the butler in it is amazing, you can’t help but think he is a butler, even if he didn’t talk and was wearing a football kit.

With the run cycle. It doesn’t seem like the voice is coming from him this time. Maybe you could do something with his head and eyes?

The lift is cool, the weight is there I think, but how would a butler lift a heavy object, That’s gonna be a hard thing to pull of I think. Even when he falls (and this is me being extra) if he got up real quick, dusted himself and acted like nothing happened, butlers don’t fall, know what I mean. You definitely demonstrate your technical ability in this but I think if you pushed the acting you’d sell it more.

The other question I have is the posing, are you looking for a more pose to pose style or something fluid? I really can’t see anything technically wrong with the animation so 3D guys, this is you time to step in and teach me something as well

Let me know what you think D

David Beer said...

Wow, that is alot. Yeah, I agree with what you have said.

There is actually another sound clip for the run, which is better suited...I've just lost it

Yeah, I wasnt sure whether to push the butler thing, i guess for a short time I thought of him as a butler, but I'm not sure anymore.

its true what you say about the hands on the hips, if he is to be a butler...

I aint gonna make more work on the lift, I've bitten off too much already, unfortunately

i think I'll ditch the butler thing...maybe even the intro, because the animation at the begining is poor, i think...

I didnt really work on that bit much, and it bothers me that thats the first bit someone would see on the reel.

Thanks for the point of view, matie!

libra bear said...

Yeah I know I wrote alot, got lots of time on my hands LOL, I don't think you should change the animation, I think it looks really cool, just the voice maybe, I can see you put a lot of work into this.

Daniel M.C. Alvite said...

hey dude, nice work, I havent got sound here at work so can't coment on the acting videos,
but the run is very fuinny, like the spine position, kind of he's having pain in the ass...hihi,,nice arm swing.
tell me how did you make this h=guy talk without mouth, good acting job.

the lift is good, maybe the feet is to stick on the floor.specially when he lifts the box,, some hills rotation maybe.I liked the scracth hands, nice time,,,just think maybe it's to snappy pose your gestures, the first pose freezes when he puts his fingers forward., but man it's great..

i wanna listen to the sound.
yeah definately Keith Lango has added a lot in your animation skills,,POORS theacherS at CSM, the can't teach properly, even research new methods,,,

Doctor Cerebro said...

i think that in the run you could have a straight leg on the contact or before it... looks like he doesn´t really strech his legs in front.

David Beer said...

All good advice, thanks a mil guys!!!