Sunday, 20 May 2007

Final Project Blog - Out of Tune

It now seems more logical for me to document My CSM Final Project using a dedicated blog, To see Its development and progress, why not scurry over to :

Out of Tune - 3D Animation Project CSM


Then I can use this one for all my other 3D endeavours.

..sneaky, very sneaky.

Thursday, 10 May 2007

2d Animatic for Final CSM Animation

Well, finally , I've worked out which filetypre to upload to vimeo to get the sound to stay in sync, yay! So, without further delay, here is the first version of my 2d Animatic for 'out of Tune' I plan to tweak the timing a bit before begining animation. But i have been spending the last week or two Modelling and Rigging the Main Character and Parrot, will upload pics soon

David Beers College Project Animatic ver1 from sneakysquirrel on Vimeo