Tuesday, 27 November 2007

My New Reel Nov 2007

David Beer Animation Reel 2007 from sneakysquirrel on Vimeo.

David Beer Showreel 2007 Breakdown



Work done



Intro and Walk cycle


- Rig by Tim Oberlander


Wolf walk


Rig By TSM2M via highend3d.com


Walk study

Animation & Rigging

Design concept inspired by Animation Mentor Practice rig


Run Cycle


- Rig by Tim Oberlander


Rexona Bear for their Web campaign


- Rig owned by Framestore CFC, Animation supervised by Head of Commercials, Dale Newton, Framestore CFC


Lift sequence with fall


- Rig by Tim Oberlander


Acting Piece


- Rig by Tim Oberlander

- Audio sample from Scrubs TV show

8 & 10 & 12

Sequence from my London Animation School final film ‘Out of Tune’ available on the London National Gallery website, the film needed to be inspired by a painting in the London National gallery.

All Animation , Design, Modelling and Rigging

9 & 11

Sequence from my London Animation School Second Term film ‘Roboto Kung-Fu’

All Animation , Design, Modelling, Rigging and Rendering


Push study and Acting piece - Personal project

All Animation

- Theo Rig by 10 second club group

- Alfred Rig by Rodri Torres

- Audio sample from Scrubs TV show


Daniel M.C. Alvite said...

nice reel dude....go for it....i love the acting piece, the guy speaking with the tedbear...

messytimbo said...

sick! i so good buddy. you've i'm proved loooooads! i love the monkey one, thats well funny!

and i like the guy who introduces everything. i only thing i don't like is the bit when he's told that the box hasn't got anything in and he fly back in the air. i don't undertand why he does that. (i watch it a couple of time and i still can't figure it out)

but other than that i love it! i really like how it's all cut together.

now hand that badboy out

David Beer said...

Hi guys, yeah thanks.....
got an offer for some work in december, so I cant complain...

Tim: I understand what you mean, lucky for me though, most people have enjoyed the box weight change. its more about comedic timing than substance. But it would have worked better with the other gags that were coming...i just ran out of time to complete those.

messytimbo said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Doctor Cerebro said...

nice work my man. there is only one thing I don't like: those numbers in the corner.

messytimbo said...

urm...maybe i'm really dumb or something? but i still don't understand how if a box that he's holding turns light, it would make him fly off like that?

if other people understand it,it must just be me.

thats so sick that you've got a job out of it. that amazing!where's it at and what for?

i updated what i said because i made 200 mistakes :P

libra bear said...

Congrats on the new position man. Great reel. One thing I will say, I agree with what tim said about the box thing. I understood it, but I think it could have been clearer. great Job Mr Beer

daniel said...

it this alive???