Thursday, 3 June 2010

The Wild Days

I thought I'd take the time to collect some neat things I gathered from the Wild Things production. This is IRA, the character I got to animate. He was played by Forrest Whitaker, I saw so much footage of Forrest, I felt like I knew the guy!

Even the production toilet was a creative experiance!

Here are Sketches done by the amazing animator, Tim Watts (The thief and the cobbler,Corpse bride, Despereaux)He drew little sketches everytime he came to my desk to discuss shots.

Here is my sakteboard, that Spike was kind enought to sign for me... What an awesome character he is, gosh!

Here's Spike fighting off all the Framestore staff looking for autographs

Heres a great photo of the Wild Things Production with Spike

Here is K.W. advertised at our bustop, woohoo! Roumer is that K.W. may stand for Kate Winslet....

Here is the crew shirt.I thought it'd be nice to take a pic before it fades... Thanks to Daniel for organising these...

Here are the awesome skateboards that Spike released though his Girl Skateboards co.

Here are some of the different posters and covers that were released

It turned out that it was during production that banksey's famous artwork was removed from the wall near the Royal Mail buildings. The company that owned the building said that it was a routine painting schedule, yeah right!!!

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