Friday, 8 August 2008

Breaking Joints

OK we're back by popular demand (yeah right, Paul)

I've found my niche! Some people upload high quality pics from expensive books, I'm gonna do the opposite. I'm going to upload dodgey photos from poor quality tabliods (eg london lite).
At least then I'm garanteed that no-one else has this cr&p on their blogs, and Whallah! Instant originality. I seem to keep finding the odd interesting pic in the paper, and because after a while, the pages get all brown and old, I actually contemplated buying a laminator just for paper clipings. Then I realised the blogoshpere is just as good a place as any to imortalise these images.
You see I've been thinking, and I've learnt so much from blogs latley it''s time to give a little back. But I don't always like reading alot, so I'm gonna assume you are the same, and focus on adding more pics than text.

So here goes, an interesting example of the 'breaking' of joints in a perfectly real human being. I've been trying to bend my arm this way, can you do it?
Don't ask me why I have a building collection of africans throwing things, I can't afford a psychologist to find out.

But it's interesting how far back his arm goes, don't you think? Give me your thoughts.
On an off note, it's gkinsa funny how that fire/smoke ball seems to eminate from his hand

More to come: some interesting notes and lo-res tabloid pics on walks, and a few pics of people under extreme pressure

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Daniel M.C. Alvite said...

nice one dude . I would keep this know.