Monday, 18 February 2008


I'd been thinking about a 'throw' pose for a few days, and i kept drawing little stick I started pulling out pics in the newspaper...I had these two pics sitting beside each other on my desk...n it occured to me that it was quite an interesting contrast....and kinda amusing... the motivations are so different, the energy, the intention ...yet in some way they compliment each other too....

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messytimbo said...

Your right. I think that’s a great example of while doing any animation that you have to first establish who the character is, and why is he or she is making that action. It all the old Disney boys talk about, "what is he thinking, what is he feeling"

Because a woman who is cold, is gonna throw way different to an athletic man in a competitive game.

It’s a great example!

When am I gonna get to see that finished lip-sync?