Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Another experiment at weight

Any comments, suggestions? Thanks guys

Saturday, 23 June 2007

Walk ball test

Getting straight back into it, heres a quick animation (sat morning after rough Open night)

Any thoughts and crits, thanks
I want to really start from the basics again

The Course is Finished

Well, the Open Evening we had in the studio last night marked the end of our 1 year course in animation. I just wanna tell all of my classmates, you guys made it really worthwhile, I really hope we manage to stick together, all these blogs and facebooks and things.... also, BBQ on Saterday, dont forget.

My Final Project can be viewed here

Please click on the links to my colleauges, to see the amazing animations they have done too

Thanks Again Guys n Gals

Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Well Worth It!!!

Ah, so it was worth it staying awake until 0400 fighting with a DVD authering program. I found out on Friday , I have been selected for an Interenship at Framestore CFC this July. If i hadn't of prepared that showreel (my first post in this blog) I wouldn't have got it. It's awesome, and came as quite a suprise, especially considering the people who applied. Whats great too, is my good buddy Mariano was also accepted. They obviously saw a photo of him, and realised he must be an animator. or a psychopath.

Anyways, alot of good people applied, and deserved the opportunity, so I'd better make the absolute most of the experiance.